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‘Maman, I have given you a bell to ring,’ observed

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The judge then put this question, "Did Captain Dodd tell you what he intended to do with it?"

‘Maman, I have given you a bell to ring,’ observed

_Fullalove_ (reverently).--I think, my lord, he said he was going to give it to his wife. (Sharply.) Well, what is it, old hoss? What are you making mugs at me for? Don't you know it's clean against law to telegraph a citizen in the witness-box?

‘Maman, I have given you a bell to ring,’ observed

_The Judge._--This won't do; this won't do.

‘Maman, I have given you a bell to ring,’ observed

_The Crier._--Silence in the court.

"Do you hyar now what his lordship says?" said Fullalove, with ready tact. "If you know anything more, come up hyar and swear it like an enlightened citizen; do you think I am going to swear for tew?" With this Vespasian and Fullalove proceeded to change places amidst roars of laughter at the cool off-hand way this pair arranged forensicalities; but Serjeant Saunders requested Fullalove to stay where he was. "Pray sir," said he slowly, "who retained you for a witness in this cause?"

"Of course somebody asked you to drop in here so very accidentally: come now, who was it?"

"I'm God Almighty's witness dropped from the clouds, I cal'late."

"Come, sir, no prevarication. How came you here just at the nick of time?"

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