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case I will ask Piotr Vassilievitch.’ . . . (My father’s

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"Then, no. Another misfortune has now separated him and me for ever."

case I will ask Piotr Vassilievitch.’ . . . (My father’s

"My father is said to have died at sea: and my mother thinks _he_ is to blame."

case I will ask Piotr Vassilievitch.’ . . . (My father’s

_The judge to Saunders._--What on earth has this to do with Hardie against Hardie?

case I will ask Piotr Vassilievitch.’ . . . (My father’s

_Saunders._--You are warmly interested in the plaintiff's success?

_Colt_ (aside to Garrow).--The fool is putting his foot into it: there's not a jury in England that would give a verdict to part two interesting young lovers.

_Saunders._--You are attached to him?

This burst, intended for poor Alfred, not the court, baffled cross-examination and grammar and everything else. Saunders was wise and generous, and said no more.

Colt cast a glance of triumph, and declined to re-examine. He always let well alone. The judge, however, evinced a desire to trace the fourteen thousand pounds from Calcutta; but Julia could not help him: that mysterious sum had been announced by letter as about to sail, and then no more was heard about it till Alfred accused his father of having it. All endeavours to fill this hiatus failed. However, Julia, observing that in courts material objects affect the mind most, had provided herself with all the _pieces de conviction_ she could find, and she produced her father's empty pocket-book, and said, when he was brought home senseless, this was in his breast-pocket.

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