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a sigh. ‘Go along, Byelovzorov, and bestir yourself.

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"I don't know either of 'em from Adam, my lord. But I know Captain Dodd's pocket-book by the bullet-hole."

a sigh. ‘Go along, Byelovzorov, and bestir yourself.

"Indeed! You had better call this witness, Mr. Colt."

a sigh. ‘Go along, Byelovzorov, and bestir yourself.

Your lordship must excuse me; I am quite content with my evidence," said the wary advocate.

a sigh. ‘Go along, Byelovzorov, and bestir yourself.

"Well then, I shall call him as _amicus curiae;_ and the defendant's counsel can cross-examine him."

Fullalove went into the box, was sworn, identified the pocket-book, and swore he had seen fourteen thousand pounds in it on two occasions. With very little prompting, he told the sea-fight, and the Indian darkie's attempt to steal the money, and pointed out Vespasian as the rival darkie who had baffled the attempt. Then he told the shipwreck to an audience now breathless--and imagine the astonished interest with which Julia and Edward listened to this stranger telling them the new strange story of their own father!--and lastly, the attempt of the two French wreckers and assassins, and how it had been baffled. And so the mythical cash was tracked to Boulogne.

The judge then put this question, "Did Captain Dodd tell you what he intended to do with it?"

_Fullalove_ (reverently).--I think, my lord, he said he was going to give it to his wife. (Sharply.) Well, what is it, old hoss? What are you making mugs at me for? Don't you know it's clean against law to telegraph a citizen in the witness-box?

_The Judge._--This won't do; this won't do.

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